Tuesday, January 17, 2012

chance of showers

despite a last-minute flurry of chopping, dough rising, baking, sewing, two failed pie crusts, decorating and the emergency purchase of extra cookie sheets, we managed a lovely shower for miss angela over the weekend.

one of my favorite things about getting married was the excuse to have parties where i got to be around people i loved who loved me and AWD, too, and that is what saturday felt like as well. it is such a great joy to celebrate other people's joy, wouldn't you say?

it was also a great excuse to make these scones, these donuts, these home fries, this quiche and to try out my first ever as-seen-on-pinterest sewing project: bunting. it came out well enough i think i'll leave it up as part of my valentine's day decorations.

hurrah for love!

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