Friday, January 13, 2012


we've had a pretty busy week, mostly getting ready for what is going to be an even busier weekend complete with a bridal shower for miss angela, sunday dinner with new couple friends, a saturday night double date night and a monday holiday getaway.

the good news is, all this impending hosting motivated us to get some little house projects done, including getting some of our wedding pictures into frames and hanging up this poster i got AWD for christmas (designed by my ever-talented cousin, trevor).

(pardon my reflection. this was the best photo i could get of it.)

the bad news is, as we were driving home from a frantic and rain-soaked trip to crate and barrel the other night, AWD looked at me and said, "sometimes i just get tired."

as i was frosting cupcakes last night at 11, i had to agree that i might have bitten off one project too many. but, we are nearing the home stretch and i am confident it will all have been worth it.

plus, those cupcakes were delicious.

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