Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ga-ga for gadgets

AWD got an iPhone a couple weeks ago, which i am surprised i haven't mentioned yet since it has become such a big part of our lives.

in fact, i've stolen (borrowed?) a page from cjane's book and started referring to the new phone as the "sister wife." i also like to call AWD and say things like, "hi, AWD! hi, siri!"

i was feeling sort of smug and hilarious about the whole thing until it suddenly dawned on me that the way AWD feels about his new iPhone is the way i feel about my new kitchenaid stand mixer. and that thing can't even send a text message.

the night we got the new kitchenaid, AWD helped me take it out of the box, gleaming and gorgeous and red, and i set it up lovingly on the counter. then i started pulling out all the paddles and whisks and dough hooks and attaching them and un-attaching them and reattaching them, all the while giving AWD an adoring play-by-play of all the wonderful things this new gadget could do for us.

i had probably been talking for about 20 minutes before i realized he wasn't standing behind me at all.

he was watching TV in the living room, and i had no idea how long he had been there.

turned out it was about 20 minutes. he had walked out of the kitchen just about as soon as the mixer was out of the box.

"i was telling you about the new kitchenaid!" i said.

"oh, i thought you were just talking to yourself," he said.

so, fine. we all have our gadget obsessions around here, i guess.


Mom said...

So where's a picture of the Kitchenaid?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

You are just too funny.

and that is a funny story.