Wednesday, January 11, 2012

old, new, borrowed, blue

we opted for a pretty non-traditional road when it came to our wedding festivities (no cake, no toasts, no line. thank goodness) but i really liked the idea of the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" tradition. so i decided to give it a try. and it worked?

old was the antique wedding kimono fabric, purchased while my mom and i were in japan, that made up part of my skirt and the belt around the dress.

new was this headpiece, made by hand and divine.

blue was the perfect pair of kitten heels.

and borrowed was this necklace, which now belongs to my mother and had belonged to my great-grandmother frances before her.

it felt so special to wear such a precious thing on such an important day. i loved having a part of gram with me at my wedding, and again at our reception in salt lake, which just happened to be on our birthday, mine and gram's.

it was just right.

and now, on an only slightly related and completely non-sentimental note, do you think if you brought beyonce and jay-z's baby to your wedding it would count as borrowed and blue?

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