Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the vow

a few months ago, AWD and i were talking about how getting married is a perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean, get rid of bad old habits and start good new ones, even if you haven't made any other major changes like started a new job or moved to a new city or something like that. getting married let's you start over right where you are, which is kind of exciting.

plus, you have a buddy to work on getting better with. which is maybe the most exciting part of all.

so we've been trying to introduce some good patterns into our married life: eating healthy meals at home, reading our scriptures together, reaching out to new friends and to old ones, that sort of thing. and, though i usually forgo new year's resolutions in favor of birthday goals, i decided to up my game this year and do both. there are some things i've been wanting to work on and be more conscientious about and i decided i better get to it while i still have newlywed motivation on my side.

here they are.

1. commune regularly with heavenly father and jesus christ. includes scripture study, family and personal prayer, magnifying my calling, serving and not gossiping at work.
2. consume less. i buy a lot of things, and i'd like to stop doing that so much.
3. create more. i feel a passion for projects these days, and i want to make more time for that. i feel really productive when i am producing a tangible thing (go figure) and that's a good feeling.
4. be consistent. i have a tendency to go through flurries of lots of good effort and progress, followed by lulls of laziness and a lack of motivation. i'd like to even that out a little bit and make some sustained strides.

i feel really good about my 4 Cs, and i am excited to see what they bring me in the new year. and because i am sure you're dying to know as well, i'll be sure to keep you posted, too.

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Stephanie May Anderson said...

Love this Frances! I could improve on those things as well. I had a flashback to the time we were packing your shoes before you moved to DC...(insert heart felt chuckle)I think every woman likes to buy a lot of things, especially shoes and clothes. My husband has had a hard time understanding my need for 25 pairs of shoes when he gets by just fine with 3 or 4. I could definitely work on the buying thing. thanks for the inspiration!