Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sugar low

i am taking a break from sugar.

since i am the person who eats brownies and/or mike and ikes for breakfast, this is a rather daunting, not to mention unexpected feat.

i blame the office candy jar.

i became acquainted with the office candy jar on the first day at my new job. i had never worked in an office with a candy jar before, so it seemed like a pretty genius idea to me. delicious candy whenever i want it? yes, please!

it started out innocently enough. (as these things always do, i am sure.) a post-lunch kit kat, or a little box of nerds to get me through a long meeting.

but then i just sort of lost control of the whole thing and before i knew it, my garbage can was full of snickers wrappers at the end of the day. like, full.

and i started to feel gross. like, really gross.

i have always been blessed not to suffer any ill effects from indulging my rather wicked sweet tooth, which has resulted in, basically, a complete lack of will power when it comes to not eating junk. (i was totally not kidding about the brownies for breakfast.) but, i am turning over a new (temporary) leaf! i am under no delusions that i can keep up this nonsense for anything resembling the long term, but i definitely think i can manage no sugar for a month. (especially if i let myself have a treat on the weekends. which, let's face it, i am probably going to do.)

i am three days in with no sugar at all (praise me! please?) and i am not shaking or anything, so i think it's going well so far. in fact, today i took some watermelon and almonds to work to snack on when the evil craving hit, and i wasn't even tempted by the candy jar at all.

of course, right now the candy jar is filled with disgusting banana flavored laffy taffy. but that is not the point. the point is, when that chocolate pops up again, my will power and i will be ready.


Kate said...

Go, Frances, go!

Evan and Holly said...

Yeah Frances, you give me inspiration. But it is 100+ degrees and how can Evan not bring us a treat when he has to run to the store to buy Pedialite for Kyle anyway? I think I could give up sugar--but Evan would be there tempting me and making it a ton harder. You go, girl. For the both of us!!

Amy Poulson said...

Once again needed inspiration! I have long endured the temptings of the candy jar. And I give in far too often and walk zombie-like mumbling "chocolate" as I walk toward it. And then stuff myself with all forms of chocolate. And then my close don't fit and I have to practice mindful avoidance (again). Ah, it is a vicious cycle. Be strong!

Rowboat said...

i went off sugar about 8 months ago because i went to a naturopath and realized it was having a real effect on my energy level and moods! i was completely off sugar/fruits, etc. for a couple weeks and then i gradually worked in fruits/yogurts. now i try to stick to a routine that is sugar-free during the weekdays and whatever treats i want on the weekends. my sugar cravings have definitely decreased TONS and i've noticed a big difference in my body. good luck! it will be good for you for sure.