Wednesday, July 15, 2009

queens on king (street)

{the majestic cafe on king street, old town alexandria}

melissa has the sort of fancy job where she gets to travel a lot, which is a pain if you live in salt lake and she is never there, but awesome if you live in d.c. and she comes to town for business.

to celebrate our reunion, we went for all-out pampering in old town alexandria.

old town is a mostly classy place, with just the right level of historical charm mixed with modern-day convenience. (translation: good stores in old buildings.) i say mostly classy because we started out the evening with a trip to nails foxy. melissa's technician may have been texting and talking on the phone the whole time, but our nails do look... foxy. (no, seriously. they look great. and i was particularly excited since our trip to nails foxy marked my first pedicure since my trip to zion last summer and the unfortunate result said trip had on my toenails. i will leave it at that.)

once we were appropriately polished we went more upscale with dinner at the majestic cafe, another listing in my "eat. shop. d.c." book that i have been wanting to try. (nails foxy was, oddly, not listed.)

the majestic has a menu of gussied up comfort food. melissa went with the meatloaf and whipped potatoes (which the book recommends)...

...and i went with the seafood stew (which the book also recommends).

both were delicious and both, luckily, left us with just enough room for dessert (which the book also recommends). we paused for a moment so melissa could gaze lovingly at our coconut cake and mixed berry cobbler...

... and then we devoured.

we capped off the night with my first attempt at driving in the actual district of columbia, which did not result in accident or death, so i am counting it a success.

i say melissa can travel all she wants for work. as long as it brings her here.


Evan and Holly said...

Recent conversation after reading this post:

Me: I hate Frances.
Evan: Why???
Me: Because she always posts these pictures of food that she eats at these restaurants in places she goes to like DC or such and it never fails to make me hungry.
Evan: We have nachos.

There you have it Frances. Make a girl super jealous why don't you!

Twinkie said...

i need that meatloaf right now. i ordered meatloaf this week here in utah and it came with a layer of cheese and looked like lasagna. unfort it didn't not taste like lasagna or meatloaf. the majestic has spoiled me.