Monday, July 20, 2009

saturdays were made for this

{my sister in saturday spontaneity, emily, on the maryland side of great falls}

itinerary for a spontaneous saturday in d.c.

a trip to eastern market on capitol hill: famous buck and blue pancakes, handmade jewelry, scrap metal sculptures, heirloom peppers, peaches so good they make you cry, bright and beautiful zinnias as big as your face.

a hike to great falls: sandy trail, peaceful river, kayakers, a group of dudes smoking something that was probably weed, rare rock terrace forest, water fall!, good conversation for miles. literally.

a nap: this goes better when aunt joyce does not need help with word scramble.

a luau: watermelon, church friends, fire dancers, the miracle of no mosquito bites. sadly, no obamas this time.

a late night dinner: avocado and sprout panini, poetry on the walls, new friends, sweet potato fries, dating philosophies expounded.

a good night's rest that lasts until noon the next day: enough said there, i think.


Em said...

Come back, please. I need an FOE.

ehell said...

so jealous that you got to sleep until noon. i was up at seven the next day. but a saturday of fun adventure was worth it. --emily