Wednesday, July 29, 2009

doobie time: d.c. edition

doobie undertook a grand east coast tour before heading to the wild west for an MBA program. and since i am now a grand part of the grand east coast, he made a stop here in the district.

the list of things doobie managed to accomplish while i was working is rather impressive. the things we managed to accomplish together when i was done with work are less so, mostly because it kept dumping rain at the worst possible moments.

we did watch some "battlestar galactica," which is always time well-spent, and also saw the movie "500 days of summer," which we both loved even if the last two minutes were a little lame. (doobie has always been a highly skilled movie buddy, another category of friend i have not quite filled here.)

but the biggest event was our mutually first trip to ben's chili bowl, a washington d.c. institution. (and another recommendation from my "" book. i am quite literally determined to visit every place listed.)

if you want to eat like el presidente (again, quite literally, because this is what he ordered when he went there), you should get the half-smoked. i wimped out and went with the regular chili dog, but doobie went all in, obama-style.

saturday morning, on our way to union station so doobie could catch a train to boston he said, "if you had to move away from utah just as i was moving to utah, i am glad you decided to move here."

and i think, so am i.

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Julie said...

um, frances. did i really have to find your blog through suvi's in order to get in touch with you? lame.

lets hang out soon.

email me julie57 (at) gmail. then i'll slip you mah digits.