Monday, July 27, 2009

first time high

my saturday was full of the following firsts.

first brunch at kramer books (whole wheat waffles with fruit)

first rooftop tan (thanks, dana! and dana's roof!)

first few pages of "special topics in calamity physics" (highly recommend)

first haircut at vsl salon

first time i've cried about coming to d.c. since i arrived

first time wearing my new mint green sandals

first time speaking japanese with a native speaker in at least a year

first blueberries of the summer

first drive to cleveland park (survived!)

first drive to capitol hill (survived that, too!)

first time dancing under a disco ball in a garage

first time watching people take shots out of an ice luge

first post-10p.m. bedtime in a week

just the first of many more firsts

1 comment:

Julia said...

I'm glad it took this long to cry about coming out here! Do come to Capitol Hill again...we should have an Eastern Market breakfast together!