Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a bicycle built for one

i haven't been on my bike much lately.

for the past few days, this has been the result of an unfortunate incident involving my bike being semi-permanently stuck on my indoor trainer, a situation which required the brains and brawn of the father of one of aunt joyce's flute students, as well as the sacrifice of a plastic screw cap, to resolve.

another contributing factor is that i am now one of those poor suckers who works all the time and leaves the office with minimal energy leftover for anything else.

but the biggest culprit is my lack of a biking buddy here.

due to my general self-consciousness about all things athletic, i usually opt to do athletic things by myself, but biking is the exception. there are few things i love more than riding along, chatting with a pal. the hills seem so much steeper and the miles seem so much longer when i am pedaling along alone. and it is definitely not as much fun to pull off to the side of the trail and watch the washington municipal airport authority take someone away when there is no one to watch it with you.


millie and i will continue to persevere on our own (millie being the bike, you'll remember), but i sure hope someone comes along to join us soon.

(any of the completely hot guys i see on the mt. vernon trail will do just fine.)

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Doovie said...

You should look up a local bike shop and ask about group rides. I realize that a full-on group may not be what you are looking for, but it is a window to other people that want to ride with others.