Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mixed up

{sizzling fajitas at a new haunt}

i had a dinner date last night with julia, a friend from the city of the salty lake who relocated to d.c. with her husband in january. since we are both new in town, i consulted my newly acquired (and totally fabu) book, "" to pick a restaurant.

we settled on mixtec, an authentico mexican joint in adams morgan with really stellar guacamole. (they'll skimp the first time, though, so be sure to ask for more.)

so, there we sat, enjoying our fajitas and conversation when all of a sudden, there were all sorts of people huddled outside the window where we were sitting. it was a pretty awkward set-up: us, on one side of the glass, eating our food and generally minding our own business and, on the other side of the glass, a big crowd of people intermittently looking in.

it didn't take long to figure out that everyone was trying to escape from a torrential downpour that, in true d.c. fashion, had come literally out of nowhere. it was gale force, for sure. and it reminded me of something i had read in my nifty little book. something along the lines of, "i don't know what it is, but every time i find myself at mixtec i am escaping from a torrential downpour. it's as though the heavens themselves are leading me to this glorious little mexican haven."

i was glad we could keep up the tradition.

and also glad that julia and i had plenty of conversation to last until the storm blew over.

and then some.

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Julia said...

Yay I made the blog. We'll have to do that again next time it's about to pour, but we won't sit by the window.