Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the first crusade

in more than a year now of blogging (more on this milestone soon), i have never held a contest, which i understand is something that dedicated bloggers searching for worldwide fame often do. the trouble is, online contests are sort of a pain, especially, i have learned, if the prize is a free dress. but my dad threw down a pretty good challenge in the comments section of the previous post, and i think it deserves a little more exposure. here it is:

OK, all of you Frances blogophiles, time for a contest. Given the less-than-stellar (but in the end beneficial for the Johnson family) performance of Delta Airlines, I think that, using Delta as a acronym, we should come up with what it means. Permit me to give you a few examples, just so you know how the contest works:

Sabena (the old Belgian airline) means Such A Bad Experience Never Again

Alitalia (the old Italian airline) means Always Late In Take-off And Late In Arrival

British Airways means Bloody Awful

You get the point.

Here is my entry for Delta: Don't Ever Like This Airline

Let the fun begin

my friend steve has already taken the challenge on with this entry:

at first blush-

Dung Everywhere - Less Than Average

Driving Every Last Traveler Away

Disastrous Experiences - Labyrinth [0f] Total Apathy

Disturbingly Evil, Like Total A**holes

I know I cheated with the "of". I'll waste my day at work thinking of more.

it's true, steve did cheat with "of," but i say well-placed swears make up for almost anything.

and now, it's your turn! my dad will be really upset if you don't join in, so get on it right away. just pop into the comments section, give it your best shot, and whenever i feel like it, i'll name a winner. let's say i'll do it on monday. as for the prize, i'll spend from now until monday thinking of something awesome. like, you get to come with me to the MTV music video awards show (do they even have that?) when i am nominated for my role in the killers' making-of-the-human-video documentary. or, you know, something like that.


Natalie said...

well, since there's an unnamed prize on the line ...

Doing Every Little Thing Abominably

Doovie said...

Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport

Joelle said...


I reserve the right to post another comment after thinking more :)

Angie said...

Dumb Employees Laboring To Annoy

Kate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miko said...

Well I don't want to end up like the gas prices sooooo, are we allowed to swear? Ok then,

Damn, Extra Late Today Again!

Kate said...

Changing my "official" entry:

Delta employees leave travelers abandoned.

steve said...

Does Everyone Like Thinking Aloud?

more about this contest than Delta... a picture of the picture if you will. Don't ask me about the picture of THIS picture of the picture... the universe will burp and fart at the same time (and thus implode of course).

and incidently, the word verification for this snarky post was "anumfugg" which could really sound like something horrible if you had a cold. I'd like to speak to the manager. Things here at blogger/google are REALLY starting to go down hill.

Mojo said...

Darkening Everyone's Lively Travel Attitudes

Mojo said...

Doing Everything Lately Through [the] A**

Is that cheating?