Tuesday, January 20, 2009

operation: hot chocolate

my prayers for no snow at all ever again have been answered of late, (if only it could last forever. and if only no snow didn't also mean no clean air for as far as the eye can see), but it is still winter (sigh), which means that it is still inhumanely cold outside (sigh), which means that my hot chocolate consumption is in the gallons. daily.

(happy sigh.)

the only problem is that my little mug (which may or may not say, "the enterprise: we mean business") is not up to the challenge. gallons of hot chocolate a day mean more trips to the little water cooler, which in this case dispenses hot water (stay with me folks), than i care to count.

what is a girl to do?

well, one solution is to take a late-night trip to michael's for some quilt batting, where the damsel in distress might also discover this magical solution.

yes, that is a real, eeenoooormous mug. no, i didn't buy it. but yes, i want it real bad and i might have to go back.

it sort of reminds me of that huuuge cup of espresso that mike myers gets at the beginning of "so i married an axe murderer." i couldn't find that part on youtube, though, so you'll just have to watch this clip instead.



Doovie said...

Maybe it is because you searched for espresso instead of cappuccino. "Excuse me, waitress. I believe I ordered the LARGE cappuccino. Hello!"

Jill N said...

But think of all that extra exercise you're getting in because of those frequent trips to the water cooler! (Especially good news when it's too cold to run/walk/bike outside!)

Susan said...

you and that mug --the cutest ever

Anonymous said...

Quilt batting?