Thursday, January 8, 2009

dear gas prices

we need to talk.

i have tried my hardest to make this relationship work. i really, really have. but, i'm not going to lie, your mixed signals are making it a little hard. frankly, i've had just about all i can take.

i heard the rumors but hoped they weren't true. and then i saw it for myself. first you were $1.39 in the morning. then it was $1.59 by the time i was coming home from work. i mean, really, can't you just commit? it's like i don't even know you anymore.

i'm not saying it's over, gas prices. i think we can both agree that things aren't nearly as bad between us as they were in the dark days of almost $4 a gallon every time we wanted to spend time together. but, it looks like we still have some things to work through. you know?

i think you do.


p.s. this is for everybody. don't forget about the delta-naming contest going on below. the deadline has been extended (it's a pretty fluid thing) and i think you're all going to want a piece of the awesome prize i am cooking up. plus, it will hurt my feelings if you don't play. i would hate to see you in the same position as gas prices.

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