Tuesday, January 27, 2009

celebrate good times (come on!)

baby kyle gets a lot of screentime on this weblog, but it should also be noted that, in addition to loving him, i love his parents, holly and evan. they are still relatively new cast members on "the frances show" (yes, i will be referring to my life by that title from now on), and i am always glad to have them around.

{they look pretty excited about it, too}

so glad, in fact, that i was willing to celebrate evan's birthday in style with sushi and... wait for it... karaoke!

ok, so actually neither of those things were much of a sacrifice, but they were super-duper fun. i would like, at this time, to give two enthusiastic thumbs up to samurai sushi, its dancing chef and its bizarro korean karaoke machine, complete with incongrous background music videos. (could "buttercup" have a hidden meaning, involving korean soldiers and hand grenades? you heard it here first!)

it's hard to pick a favorite part of the night.

was it delicious sushi?

was it hanging out with these people?

the table-wide belting of "bohemian rhaspody" and "billie jean"?

or was it jake's epic rendition of "total eclipse of the heart"?

luckily, i don't have to choose a favorite (unlike colors, or children), and you don't either. though, if you're looking for more information with which to make a choice, you can check out what holly has to say about our evening of revelry. (and i'll tell you a secret. she even posted a video.)

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Evan and Holly said...

I missed Jake's rendition--so sad. Evan and I feel very privileged and much like rock stars. I am very grateful for my recurring role on "the Frances show." I've been so looking forward to the baby matchmaking tomorrow (secret: partly because I can't wait to see what your blog about it has to say).