Thursday, January 29, 2009

plan a

on a nothing but ordinary wednesday night, what you probably want to do is untie your moccasin boots, climb into bed with your heating pad and spend the rest of the evening reading a good book and/or watching tv online, all the while trying to forget that it is bitter, bitter cold outside and will be for a long time to come.

but if, instead, you decide to brave the outside world to catch a devotchka concert with amy and elliott, i can promise that you will not be sorry you did. especially because you will feel like you have been to argentina, the world's best carnival, 1920s eastern europe and heaven all within two hours. you will see a burlesque dancer, a lit-up tuba and other instruments whose names you don't even know. you will dance. and when you hear a spare, haunting rendition of this song, you will wish you could breathe in music like air and keep it with you always. and forever.

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becky said...

devotchka live is one of the greatest things to experience.