Tuesday, January 13, 2009


the other day amy and i were texting, which is, btw, our preferred mode of communication. we decided it was high-time to get together, and also high-time for another friendinner.

amy decided to make minestrone. (though she pronounces it minestron. she claims that's how italians from philly say it, but i am not convinced.)

i decided that baby kyle is getting too big and squirmy to carry around any more, so i put him in the sling. he decided to like it. at first.

{i am sorry, but if you do not love this baby, you have a heart of stone. stone!}

then he decided to hate it and cry and scream, which meant daddy evan had to come to the rescue.

shawn decided to come so we could all say good-bye before he leaves for jordan. that would be in the middle east, not the southwestern part of salt lake valley.

elliott decided to be himself.

bri decided to make a cobbler. it was delicious.

but baby kyle didn't get any. he decided to have rice cereal instead.

i decided to convince everyone that "twilight" is the best movie ever. this is how i persuaded them.

laron decided to bring his camera, thankfully, because it meant we got all these great pictures.

i decided that friendinner is one of the best things ever.

that's right. even better than "gossip girl." that's pretty good.


Joelle said...

We should put together a Kidate (don't you love it). Natalie is up for meeting Kyle!

j0bi1 said...

Haha! I read your blog . .. well done.


jobi = Laron

Evan said...

I'm so into what Joelle just said. I am also into this post. I love it that you love Kyle and someone else besides me is singing his glories on a blog :) I love friendinner too.

Unknown said...

Wow! Nice photos! As usual, you're up to fun and frolics.