Tuesday, May 15, 2012

there and back

i completely forgot to bring our camera to new york.

when i told AWD i forgot to pack it, he said, "maybe we can just enjoy ourselves then."

maybe i take too many pictures?

whether that is the case or not, AWD was right: we enjoyed ourselves indeed.

first and foremost, suvi marie's wedding was just blissful. she and groom paul we so glowing and happy and kissy and teary. when we were congratulating them at the temple, i said to paul, "well chosen." and he said, "it was such an easy choice." and then he started to cry a little. such beautiful tears or total joy. it was perfect.

we also met up with some old friends (of mine) from the old salt lake ensign 7th ward, which was so so nice and AWD was a sport about spending pretty much his whole weekend eating with strangers.

and we got to do two things i have been dying to do in new york. eat donuts from the doughnut plant (why not work both spellings into one sentence?) and walk on the highline. (too good not to snap a phone picture while AWD wasn't looking.)

the highline is a totally cool elevated park and sunday could not have been a more perfect day to walk along it. especially with a delicious donut/doughnut in hand. you spend so much time in new york at the bottom of buildings looking up, it was sort of nice to stroll along in the middle of them.

carl and ck were nice enough to let us stay in the apartment next door, which was a huge favor even though it is under renovation and had no working bathroom, and meeting new baby lesueur was the cherry on top of a true treat of a weekend.

and now we are finally back to a normal routine. which feels like sort of a treat, too.

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SRA said...

I love how you love life.