Tuesday, May 1, 2012

another (weekend) bites the dust

we had another weekend of downtown adventure, and even managed to outrun the rain storm that finally opened up saturday night.

friday night we headed to the hirschorn museum to see the nighttime light projection show, song 1. while we were waiting for the party to get started, we strolled around the sculpture garden and found ourselves!

(AWD: they have the big noses. me: and the small boobs.)

once the sun went down, we laid out our blanket and took in the show. it was a whole series of images, projected on to the side of the building, and set to different versions of that song, i only have eyes for you. we liked it.

and we liked the luke's lobster rolls that we had for dinner, too. a nice view of the capital lit up at night sealed the deal.

saturday we started in georgetown for the french market, which include roving bands, street side crepes, mimes, and over-priced antiques and table cloths. but that's georgetown for you.

and then it was back downtown to see colorful realm, an exhibit of japanese paintings by the artist jukuchu at the national gallery. we had to wait in line to get in, and the gallery was pretty crowded, but the paintings were gorgeous. how i love my japan, and its art.

and that was another weekend down!

sunday night i flew to colorado springs, where i'll be all week for the warrior games competition, hands down my all-time favorite thing about my job, though 10 days away from AWD is basically the opposite of my all-time favorite thing. silver lining: i saw michelle obama yesterday and i have a fluffy hotel bed and a television to keep me company.

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