Friday, May 25, 2012

here is a funny story about texas

a little while ago AWD and i were deciding where to go for the long memorial day weekend, and i suggested austin.

my cousin lives there so we can crash for free, i said.

AWD nodded.

i've heard they have totally cool shopping and really good food, i said.

AWD nodded.

plus everyone says if you are going to visit anywhere in texas, it should be austin, i said.

AWD nodded.

and i've never been to texas! i said.

and AWD looked at my like i had 11 eyes.

well, flying through the airport doesn't count, i said.

and AWD looked at me like i just sprouted a couple of extra noses, too.

so i stared back at him for a few seconds and then finally asked, what?

you went to the alamo! he shouted, not in a mean way but in an incredulous way.

you went to the alamo!

and that's when i remembered about my three-day business trip to san antonio last year.

i mean really, how could i have forgotten about that?

i went to the alamo!

for crying out loud.

but, we are still leaving tomorrow morning for austin. and i think it is going to be awesome.

have a wonderful long weekend, my babies! if i remember to come back from texas, i'll see you soon.


SRA said...

I overnighted there 7 years ago. Wow. On the way back from the San Antonio Temple open house, while I was living in Dallas for my internship for school. All I remember is going to HEB and finding out what goes into chorizo. Loved living there.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...


I have been liking the idea of visiting Texas one day. I too have heard it's a hoping place to be...Austin that is.

Hopefully you report on all the good food you ate.