Friday, May 18, 2012

good news minute

lots of good things going on lately. here are a few:

1. i got an e-mail from the japanese south african panasonic international annual promotional draw that i won $750,000! i haven't had a good spam like that in a while. made my day.

2. yesterday was norway's constitution day (didn't you know?) so EH had us over for norwegian meatballs (favorite) and i made these rolls. i totally broke the rule to never try a new recipe for the first time when you will be feeding the result to a dinner party, but they turned out just fine so it didn't even matter. for dessert we dipped strawberries in sour cream and  brown sugar. if you think that sounds gross/weird, you're right. if you think it tastes gross/weird, you're wrong.

3. AWD accepted my proposal to ride our bikes to the dairy godmother tonight for a little frozen custard. the flavor of the day is mint chocolate chip. i can't wait!

it's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend here, and we have lots of outside plans, including weeding, planting and air show watching. i hope you have something fabulous planned as well! until monday, my babies.


SRA said...

1) Switching winter clothes for summer clothes in my closet.
2) Flower-watering
3) Hockey-watching
4) Movie-going (Dark Shadows)
5) Grocery-shopping
6) Maybe dinner using a Groupon
7) "Finding Your Roots" on TV (so good)
8) "Mad Men"
9) Newspaper-reading each day

Laura said...