Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the one where we go to austin and have a wonderful time and i only leave one thing behind

here are two pieces of bad travel luck i have been having a lot lately.

1. delayed flights causing problems with connecting flights and/or extremely late arrivals and/or misplaced luggage.
2. leaving things behind on the plane, most recently a half-read book i was actually quite enjoying, and my iPod.

good news about our trip to austin.

only one of our four flights was delayed, and it was our last leg home so the only fall-out was a later than expected arrival. this is definitely the least harmful of all possible outcomes, plus it gave me an excuse to drink some diet coke today. (i needed it.)

and, i only left one thing behind, namely my swimming suit, which my cousin/our hostess has kindly agreed to ship back to me.

so, crises averted!

and, did i mention we had an oh-so-lovely time?

we did!

mostly thanks to the aforementioned cousin/hostess, plus her husband and adorable baby girl, who housed us, taught us all the locals' secrets and in general showed us a texas-sized good time.

i feel like i always give these trip recaps short shrift so i am going to really do it up right this time, with installments and all. congratulations on finishing installment one, and keep your eyes peeled for all the really juicy details soon. like, are texas drivers really friendly, as their state line signs suggest?

(spoiler alert: yes!)

more soon, ya'll.


Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Ha, I thought you were saying you left the swimsuit on the plane at first...that sure confused me why your swimsuit would be out on the plane.

Good thing I reread it.

Nancy K. said...

The drivers are okay, but did you notice how AGGRESSIVE Texas pedestrians are? Maybe it's just Houston.