Wednesday, May 23, 2012

memory lane

every year for christmas my mom puts a movie in our stockings. this past christmas my stocking movie was a home-video-to-DVD transfer of, among other home movie gems, my elementary school talent show.

put it this way: i was eight. my hair was crimped. i was dancing. (my own choreography.) to kylie minogue.

i thought i would be 100 percent mortified to ever let anyone see something like that, but it turned out to be sort of fun to let AWD in on the childhood me. and he, sweetheart that he is, loved it.

so, with the barrier officially shattered, i decided to let everyone in on the childhood me. a little glimpse, at least. i am not the kind of person who has all my kid photos scanned in, ready to share at a moment's notice. because, well, the mortification referenced above. but, my mom scanned in a few shots when we were putting together the book of remembrance for grammie and grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary so now i at least have a few.

the scan quality is not great but the memories are.

there. now that i've cleared that hurdle, maybe truly horrible junior high photos are next?

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SRA said...

I love his hat in the last photo.