Friday, April 29, 2011

hats on

i pretty much spent the whole day editing a new business proposal and looking at pictures of the royal wedding.

except not really in that order, and definitely not in any kind of even proportion.

i spent way more time on the editing.



and i don't even feel badly about it, no matter what this article says. (turns out i am pretty un-american, because i know very well that picture is of chelsy davy, prince harry's on-again, off-again girlfriend. personally, i think he should date pippa middleton, but no one has asked me. yet.)

also, a note to all my wedding guests. please feel free to wear head adornments that look like any of these.

happy weekend, my babies. i hope it's royally good.

1 comment:

Evan and Holly said...

Okay, no way that I could pull off something like that. Sorry! But if you get me an Alexander McQueen dress, I'll wear it!