Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wednesday weekend recap

we spent most of last week getting ready for the government shut down that wasn't. i kind of wanted the whole thing to go down so that i could tell my grandchildren that i worked for the government during the great shutdown of 2011, but once i found out that i would be working no matter what happened, i mostly wanted the whole thing to blow over. which, in the end, it did.

for my trouble, i got a letter from barack obama thanking me for me service to the government, even when the government can't get anything done. (my words, not his.)

it's hanging on my fridge if you'd like to see it.

on friday night EH and i went to see "bill cunningham's new york." we highly recommend it. it's about the new york times photographer who shoots all the street style columns and it is both fascinating and hilarious.

it's playing at the e street theater if you'd like to see it.

on saturday morning i headed downtown for breakfast and some feminist empowerment with my girl KJ, in town from the salty city. then i took a quick turn around the japanese street festival going on in penn quarter, but it wasn't much to look at and they were selling funnel cake, which i thought was sort of weird. i did, however, give $5 to the red cross to help tsunami relief and they gave me a sticker in return.

i stuck it in my wallet if you'd like to see it.

next up was lindsay's bachelorette weekend in annapolis. i had never been there. it was lovely. we strolled along main street, took a little harbor cruise, and then stuffed ourselves silly with crab.

here are some pictures if you'd like to see them.

and, for the grand weekend finale, we walked halfway across the wilson bridge on sunday night to watch the fireworks going off at the national harbor. we think they were to mark the end of the cherry blossom festival, though no one could say that for sure.

what i can say for sure is that it was a totally awesome show.

i have pictures of that, too, if you'd like to see them.

and now suddenly it's wednesday and soon there will be another weekend to recap.

in the meantime, maybe you could tell me what you've been up to?

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Evan and Holly said...

My blog will tell you, but here is a quick recap. We moved three weeks ago, Aiden hit the clingy stage, he also got two teeth with two more moments away, he does a very early type of crawl and goes from crawling position to sitting. Evan got in to the U about 4 weeks ago. Kyle is the same---makes me want to scream and very cute at the same time. Mostly, we do the same daily things. Nothing exciting like your life.