Monday, April 25, 2011

spring sprang sprung

spring has been a fickle mistress of late, teasing us with warm weather and then dumping cold and rain without thinking twice.

the weekend started out gray and drizzling, which was perfect weather for bananagrams and warm chili at bus boys and poets.

but then the sun came out and the sky was blue and the breeze was blowing, which was perfect weather for bluebuck pancakes at eastern market and flowers blooming everywhere (you smell lilacs these days at every turn. i am in heaven) and laura's first bite of an apple since she got her braces off.

it was also a great day for a shopping trip at anthropologie, one last hurrah before laura's employee discount is gone forever. AWD thought it was fun for approximately 1 minute. robert promptly fell asleep in the corner.

the tulips at the temple are amazing, too.

we made grilled pizza for easter dinner and ate it sitting on blankets on the lawn with people we love. it was perfect.

yesterday and today i was flooded with phone calls and e-mails and text messages and even an in-person lemon bar delivery (thanks, emilie!) and my burden felt so lightened by all the people who were thinking of me, thinking of bri and honoring the pain of loss and the importance of human connections. i had been feeling so far away and a little bit alone in the past few days. now i feel loved and remembered and and it has made such a difference.

so, thank you.

after work i walked across the key bridge to georgetown to buy something beautiful and new to wear to the memorial service. it felt so good to be outside, face to the sun, surrounded by people. many of whom were wearing those weird running shoes that look like socks. can someone explain those to me, please?

i leave tomorrow night for my beloved salt lake, where i expect to give lots of hugs, get lots of hugs and share lots of memories to celebrate my beloved briana. i wish there was no reason for me to go, but i will be glad to be there.

i think i'll eat my lemon bar on the plane.


Mom said...

Spring -- time for a trip to Dumbarton Oaks.

Robert said...

Laura (not robert) says...

Yeah, kuat, that's how you spell it, right? These pictures are lovely. This is making me long for springtime in dc, which is a big deal considering where I am.