Tuesday, April 5, 2011

how can i miss you if you won't go away?

i know, i know. it's been too long and all my excuses are worn out and tired, so let's just move on to the main event, shall we? here is what has been going down around here.

after months of jimmer-mania (i'm totally on board now that i have figured out he is a basketball player, not a football player), i watched my first BYU game of the season a couple of weeks ago, wherein the cougars were crushed by florida. so, i have to say, not sure what the whole jimmer worship thing is really all about. seems to me he sort of dropped the ball (pun intended). but, then again, i went to get my hair cut in the middle of the game, so i guess you could argue i don't know-slash-care much about these things.

and, speaking of my hair, it is a totally cute, new cut and not a single person i work with noticed. sad trombone.

AWD and i decided to have a saturday adventure the weekend before last. first we had brunch with dana and jess and chris at pint meridian in columbia heights. it had been a while since i'd gone to columbia heights, and i had forgotten that i actually kind of like it up there. the weather was warm and there were lots of people out walking and riding bikes and doing stuff. the city is really starting to come alive in the spring. i dig it.

after brunch we went to the hirschorn. i was thinking how much i was enjoying the blinky palermo retrospective when AWD said, "i guess there is some art i just don't understand." but then we decided you don't necessarily have to understand art to enjoy it. and then all was right with the world again.

after the hirschorn we went to the national gallery, along with half the population of the national capital region. that place was crowded. the sculptures were our favorite.

we also hit up the outdoor sculpture garden and got our first peak at the cherry blossoms. i love cherry blossoms. the end.

after the national gallery, we headed over to crumbs to get a cupcake, which we ate in the sunny delight of the courtyard at the portrait gallery. count 'em up kids, that's three museums in one day. and that is how you have a saturday adventure.

though it ended sort of anti-climactically, with AWD mowing my lawn and doing my taxes.

i spent last week at a summit at the national conference center in leesburg, va, which is sort of a cross between a dormitory complex and a prison. it was my first big solo communications project since moving to my new contract last fall, and i think i nailed it. special guests included sean astin, also known as samwise gamgee, and holly petraeus, also known as the wife of the man who runs the military. i am sort of hoping he runs for president so i can cross another first lady photo op off my list.

this weekend we braved cold, windy weather and confused wandering tourists to see the cherry blossoms for real. it is more pleasant to stroll among the blossoms in warm weather, but i still love cherry blossoms (the end) and they were really gorgeous this year, despite the bluster.

saturday and sunday were general conference (church on TV!) which also meant eating non-stop. my biggest culinary success was baked red velvet donuts. don't be jealous.

the final piece of important news is that the squirrel city removal has (finally) begun. they have taken out two enormous nests so far, and there is one more to go. the bad news is the squirrels chewed a hole through our roof. the bad news is, there were no babies in the nest. so, i am counting that it as a win for us.

and now you are up to date!


i feel better. do you?


Evan and Holly said...

No your anxious readers are still waiting for the story of AWD......you are holding back. But I do love you and you are cute with the AWD and I love cherry blossoms (the end) though I've never seen them in DC. Did you see the pictures of Kyle at the dentist?

Keri said...

Your new haircut is super cute. I would have noticed if I were working with you every day :)