Monday, May 2, 2011

take my breath away

this might have slipped your mind, what with the royal wedding and osama bin laden being killed (thanks, obama!) but saturday was the 25th anniversary of the release of "top gun."

one of the best days in the past 25 years?


AWD and i celebrated the momentous milestone with a special screening of the movie in the theater. doesn't get much more awesome than that.

the dialogue was a little worse than i remember, and i had forgotten (or perhaps never noticed) how much homoerotic penis talk there is, but the fighter jet scenes and flying sequences were totally rad, especially on the big screen, and i couldn't help dancing in my seat and clapping and cheering.

one thing that was exactly as i had remembered it, in all good ways, was the beach volleyball scene. oh, pre-couch-jumping tom cruise. you were a stud.

and for the first time ever i didn't cry when goose dies (spoiler alert, i guess). so either i am growing up, or my heart is colder than it used to be.

we finished up the afternoon by losing the car in the massive tysons corner parking lot. we wandered for almost half an hour through two parking terraces before we finally found it. funny now, though i was in a pretty bad mood about it then.

but, just start humming "danger zone" and almost anything seems not so bad.

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Kate said...

I have never seen this movie. (Am I missing something?) I have, however, seen "Hot Shots" more than once. How weird is it that Tom Cruise and Charlie Sheen are both a little bit crazy now?