Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the webs the wide world weaves

my dad just joined facebook.

and, contrary to my firmly held belief, the universe did not implode. at least not that i have noticed yet.

it has taken me a while, but i think i have finally embraced the inter-connectedness that is the inter-net. sure, it seems a little weird to be cyber-friends with my landlord, who is also my uncle, in addition to being my elected representative (the mind boggles). but, this is the new millenium!


and sure, i find it a little strange to have my old roommates and my parents and my co-workers and my cousins and my parents' cousins all in the same virtual pot, sort of like i am messing with the natural social order and will have to pay for it some day. but all the kids are doing it!


i do believe the internet has forever changed the way we relate to one another, and i have to wonder if it will eventually do more harm than good, (would you rather be with your computer than a real person sometimes? me too. not good.), but for now the universe seems in tact, and i am starting to really dig the complex web that is the world wide web.

plus, my dad already has 16 internet friends.

what a stud.


Kate said...

Am I now *officially* one of the last people who's not on Facebook? Tell the truth, Frances: am I missing out on something cool/necessary/worthwhile here?

Natalie said...

i found it a little funny when my parents joined facebook and quickly ran up their number of friends (especially people they grew up with ...), but my grandma has facebook now ... my grandma. So weird.

taylor said...

I just found your blog. And may I just say how darling you are! I miss you!
Anyway, I just had to say that my husband's grandmother (86 at least) befriended me on Facebook. Take that in, will ya!? Wow...
Taylor Simmons Wheeler