Tuesday, June 23, 2009

national(s) passtime

it is only logical that the baseball team in this, the nation's capital, would be called the nationals.

it is not logical at all that nationals park does not have churros.

nor is it logical that the nation's capital team should be one of the worst in the league. (maybe they need some stimulus money?)
though they did beat the toronto blue jays in extra innings. (someone even stole home! the thrill!)

it is totally logical that the metro is basically the worst place to be (the.worst.place) before or after a baseball game.

but it is also logical that after an evening out with these favorites...

i was happy as a clam.

(clay was not happy as a clam when we took this photo, however, because we made him look away from the action. sorry, buddy.)


Sallee said...

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