Tuesday, June 16, 2009

there goes the fear

{the turkish evil eye, which protected us on our long journey east}

it is now one month and one day since sallee and i pulled into uncle bob's driveway and my new east coast life began.

mind you, we barely made it to the driveway as the gas light came on right at the beginning of a rush hour traffic jam on the beltway. but all's well that ends well and all that.

i don't think i have appropriately lauded sallee's contribution to the trip, which i will now rectify. she was a lifesaver over many hours and many days of driving. i couldn't have done it without her and still maintained my sanity. plus, she is an excellent map-reader/navigator.

the only downside was that she was on a health food kick, so i was forced to eat peanut butter m&ms and taffy and red vines all by myself.

due to a tight time table (that would be the whole country in three days), we didn't have any time to stop and do fun things (sorry 800 pound prairie dog, six-legged live steer and many a railroad museum. we'll have to catch you on the flip side). besides, of course, getting some free popcorn at the kansas state line. (correction: i got free popcorn. sallee ate a yogurt.)

the rest of the trip looked basically like this:

{hello, kingdom city! we also passed "brazil" and a kansas/colorado border city called "kandorado."}

{is there a town more awesome than effingham? answer: no.}

{i almost killed us taking this picture. really.}

{the first sign of home, sweet home!}

in addition to sallee's great company, the trip was also greatly aided by trashy magazines from every state we drove through, and fantastic road trip mixes from all my dear salt lake friends.

one month down. cheers to that.

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Anonymous said...

Frances, how horrible I feel about never getting together during the time you were in salt lake. its just terrible that we always put things off and then they become too late. your grandmother gave me your blog spot and i have been looking at it as much as i dare at work. you are an amazing girl. love, aunt wenda lee