Wednesday, June 3, 2009

walk this way

i have been walking to work for almost three weeks now.

walking to work is heavenly.

walking to work is, as my friend adam would say, the holy grail of urban living.

walking to work looks like this.

out the front door, usually with a piece of fruit or a rice cake in my hand. head phones in. comfortable shoes on. dressy shoes stowed in my bag.

walk up the street and down some stairs. small fantasy about being in a scene from a romantic comedy. (you know the one where the no-nonsense career girl walks out of her hip brownstone in trendy clothes and heads to her high-powered job at a fashion magazine or an ad agency? that one.)

say hello to the construction workers on nash street.

jaywalk across key boulevard.

jaywalk across the other part of nash street.

cut through the gas station.

jaywalk across meade street.

walk into the lobby of my building.

get in the elevator.

ride to the penthouse.

punch in the office code, open the door, walk to my desk.

total travel time: approximately four minutes.

like i said. heavenly. the holy grail.

especially when you need every last minute of sleep you can get because you got home late the night before after a dinner theater performance of "high school musical."

(yes, you read that right. and no, i am not going to say it again.)

just, you know, for example.


PNRBAC said...

You make me happy. I love reading this stuff. I love YOU!

k8 said...

i am so jealous right now i can hardly breathe. you are a star.