Wednesday, June 10, 2009

norfolk, good folk

{with berto and mary, taken right before my camera started emitting smoke. for real. you might not be seeing any more pictures for a while.}

one unfortunate thing about norfolk is that to pronounce it correctly, you basically have to say a swear. i blush a little bit every time.

one forunate thing about norfolk is that berto and mary are there.

one fortunate thing about berto and mary is that they were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary over the weekend, and invited a bunch of friends to help them do it.

one fortunate thing about me is that i now live a mere three hour drive from norfolk, which means i got to join in on the celebration, which was the biggest fortune of all. it had been almost three years since i had last seen berto and mary, so it was about time. (one fortunate thing about last time i visited them is that they were living in argentina. but norfolk is cool, too.)

i skipped out on the celebratory trip to busch gardens (not one for amusement parks, though i am thinking that after this i might not be so scared of roller coasters anymore) and instead spent saturday with my cousin heather and her family in williamsburg, eating pizza and gossiping about our relatives. two of my favorite things!

other highlights of the weekend included a cook-out, with berto masterfully helming the grill, some shopping, one of the best fish tacos i've ever had, bocce ball on the beach and my first attempts at body surfing. i am really digging living near the ocean for the first time in my life, and i plan to be a masterful body surfer by the end of the summer. then i might even tackle a board. who knows?

i can tell you straight up, though, bocce ball looks like a lost cause.

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