Thursday, June 4, 2009


it might interest you to know that i now have a pentagon access badge.

it might interest you further to know that i could probably use that badge to get you into the pentagon, too.

just don't do anything suspicious, because the pentagon is full of people carrying loaded weapons.


to be exact, at any given time, the pentagon is full of 23,000 people. or so said the very sharply dressed marine giving the tour that i passed on my way to the IT department.

if you want to call someone to tell them about your awesome pentagon adventure, you'll have to stand by a window or go into the courtyard.

if you go to the pentagon to pick up your access badge, and the card to access your department of defense computer system, you will wait for about two hours. and you will have to walk between corridors and rings and offices for approximately 1,000,000 miles. this increases if you get lost. which, if you are with me, you most certainly will.

not to worry, though. there are plenty of food carts along the way to keep you from perishing.

there are also emergency gas masks everywhere, so no need to fret about nuclear holocaust either.

doesn't life inside the pentagon sound happy?

join me next time, won't you?


Kate said...

You continue to impress me.

PNRBAC said...


The Wi Family said...

Wow! Sounds so exciting--can't wait to keep hearing your adventures.

Julia said...

I don't know if you're trying to make it sound worse or better but I'm still super jealous!