Friday, March 23, 2012

there. that's better.

well, shucks. thanks, everyone, for indulging my adolescent cry for validation. you're reading, i'm writing and all is blooming in our rose garden once again. or something like that.

anyway, hurrah! i'm glad we're all in this together.

and, since that's the case, you better get a move on to meet me and AWD downtown because they are forecasting rain for the weekend and i think all of us would like to see the cherry blossoms before they get washed away.

see you there?


Abby said...

Enjoy! The closest I will get is the Japanese Maple in front of my house.

SRA said...

A wonderful time to be in DC. Enjoy! (Having come out of the shadows on your last entry, I might comment on every entry of yours from now on. hehe

Nancy K. said...

Oh, I wish! No cherry blossoms here in Houston, but I'm loving 80 degree March. I don't know how I survived 10 snowy winters before moving here. Enjoy the blossoms!