Monday, March 5, 2012

a supposedly fun thing i'll never do again.

i started out this weekend (last weekend? already?) feeling a little apocalyptic.

my friday work day started off on bad note, plus it was gray and rainy and i was tired. i spent my free time reading gloomy articles about how rents and gas prices are only go to keep going up, which was a big mistake. i spent my other free time looking up thigh and hip exercises, which just made me depressed about my body in an unhelpful and self-obsessed way.

so, by the time i burned our dinner onto the bottom of my brand-new, just-out-of-the-box le creuset dutch oven, i was pretty primed for a break-down.

luckily for me (though somewhat unfortunately for him), AWD has become quite adept and handling these episodes and by saturday morning i was feeling back to my normal self.

which meant i could enjoy blue-bucks and crab cake benedict at eastern market, plus a stroll around capitol hill with dana. we went to see "hugo" with the murffs and i loved it more than i have loved a movie in a long time. we did some organizing and cleaning around the house, which felt really cathartic and nice. we took a bright, sunny walk around the neighborhood and had a delicious sunday dinner with emma and eric.

and today there was still daylight outside when i left work, so this week is already in a much better place at the start than last week was at the end. whew.

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