Tuesday, March 13, 2012


six months ago (well, actually six months and three days ago, but who's counting?) (i am!), AWD and i were doing this:

so on saturday, to celebrate, we did this:

{brunch at carlyle. favorite}

{d.c. united season opener.}

(turns out they are just as bad as every other professional sports team in d.c.)

plus on sunday i made this perfect and delicious loaf of bread.

six months have quite literally flown by. i can't believe it has been that long. but i also can't believe that i haven't always just been married to AWD. i always figured being married would be a pretty good deal, but it is more fun than i ever imagined it would be, and i like AWD a little more every day. the other day he was late coming home from work and he didn't answer when i called so of course i assumed he had been run over by a train or kidnapped by aliens and i really couldn't fathom how i would get by on my own if he wasn't around. when i think of all the people i thought i wanted to marry before he came along, all i can say is, whew. certainly there are misunderstandings and miscommunications and cranky days and a learning curve, but i simply can't imagine doing it all with anyone but him.

so, here's to six glorious months. i figure we can make it at least six more.

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