Wednesday, March 7, 2012

dr. smile

in what has to be some of the best news i've gotten in a while, i went for a six-month check-up with my periodontist and he told me i am in the clear! no more painful and scary gum grafts, no more weeks of eating soft food, no more ice packs on my swollen face.


it was really such a relief. i have dreaded every appointment i've had with that poor guy, fretting about whether i would need more surgery to seal the deal. but, i don't. it was such a relief, in fact, that i started crying tears of joy on my way back to my car.

normally i would celebrate this kind of thing with a cupcake, but AWD and i gave up sugar for the month of march, so a proper celebration will have to wait.

in the meantime, i'll brush a little easier knowing the coast is clear.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Knowing how miserable you were last time, this really is good news!