Thursday, March 1, 2012

my funny valentine

for valentine's day (so we are a little behind around here), AWD took me to paris... virginia. for a lovely dinner at an old, old inn with delicious, delicious food. he even set up the car like an airplane, with a bottle of water at my seat and everything. it was heart-melting-ly charming.

and for valentine's day i got AWD a swanky hotel room downtown (thanks, living social! thanks, obama!) for a little weekend staycation, which we cashed in this past weekend.

we had brunch with the klemturas (including baby penny), checked out the new exhibit at the newseum about press coverage of presidential elections, watched the oscar nominated live action and animated shorts at the e street theater, ran into some anti-bashar protesters, saw the new annie leibowitz exhibit at the american art museum and the new MLK memorial on the mall and ate late night amsterdam falafel, shake shack burgers and crumbs cupcakes. delicious.

and then we watched the oscars in our big, soft, hotel bed.

it was a great time being tourists in our own city, and it was great to have a little getaway without having to go too far. and mostly it was great to have the whole weekend, and each other, to ourselves. i have to say, before we got married i was a little nervous about the prospect of being with one person all the time. would we get sick of each other? what if i wanted to do something with someone else? i knew of couples who really only wanted to spend time with one another and didn't really care about seeing other people, but i didn't quite feel that way and i worried about what that meant. (meaning, i worried that it meant we might be doomed.)

now that i am older and wiser about these things i am happy to report that such a thing does not mean you are doomed. but i am also happy to report that, as time goes on, AWD really has become my favorite person to hang out with and i am not sick of him yet. i would rather be with him than just about anyone, and so a weekend of adventure together was really the perfect gift. for me, that is.

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