Friday, February 18, 2011

well, nuts

when describing a scene of total chaos and disorganization, my co-worker smack always says, "this is squirrel city!" which basically means to say that whatever is going on is so out of control it is as if squirrels are running the show.

(at this point it is sort of fun to close your eyes and imagine what a city run by squirrels would look like. little squirrel mayor at the podium giving a press conference? check. little teenage squirrels wearing baggy pants and working at the mall? check. super stressed out businessman squirrels running around in ties. check and check.)

well, i am somewhat sad to report that EH and i have squirrel city in our attic. literally. as in, there is a nest of squirrels living up there.

it came to our attention late last week when i came home from work and saw the back-end of a squirrel hanging out of a hole in the front of our house, just under the eave. and then all of a sudden i heard a terrible screeching noise and a bunch of clawing and i realized that squirrel was having a fight (turf war? nut deal gone bad?) with something that was clearly living up there. up there being our attic, directly above my bedroom ceiling.

long story short, we called some people, who confirmed there is a squirrel nest in our attic. they're coming on monday to set some traps (yuck) and get the squirrels out of there so they can patch up the hole.

on the one hand, it is sort of fun to imagine a fully functioning squirrel city right above our heads. (i wonder if they have a newspaper?) on the other hand, i am totally terrified that one of them is going to somehow come crashing through the ceiling and right onto my face while i am taking a nap or catching up on celebrity gossip. so i guess getting rid of them is the right thing to do.

and so, to dull the pain of destroying squirrel city, i have decided to go to denver for the long weekend. (just kidding about the first part of that sentence, but true story about the second.) i am planning on eating a lot of my mom's cooking, watching movies on my parents' new and apparently enormous television and sleeping in, squirrel- and fear-free.

a happy president's day to you, my babies! i hope you live it up.

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