Thursday, February 10, 2011

blow this house down

i will confess i've been a little jealous of all the dramatic winter weather that has been happening pretty much everywhere but here. (well, maybe here and madagascar.) our winter weather has definitely been over-promising and under-delivering (except for the one time it canceled my flight), which is a tragedy because bad winter weather here means you can work from home for a day or sometimes a week, and that is the exact opposite of a tragedy. it is a miracle. and my one true love.

the best we've done is a big wind storm. but it wasn't a total loss, because this particular wind storm did have a dramatic result. hurrah! EH and i heard this awful banging noise outside all night long. it definitely sounded like something was hitting repeatedly against the side of our house but we could not figure out what it was. until we went out the next morning and saw this.

turns out what was hitting repeatedly against the side of our house was the side of our house. go figure.

so, dramatic weather-related incident? sure. but something you can take a day (week) off work for? not even close.

winter weather, you still owe me.

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