Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hearts away

we had a valentine's-themed family home evening last night, and i can safely say it was a rousing success.

i started us off with a lesson about charity (because what else would we talk about at a valentine's-themed family home evening?) including this quote from president monson, which i absolutely love (and not just because it's almost valentine's day). it goes like this:

"I consider charity-- or "the pure love of Christ"-- to be the opposite of criticism and judging. In speaking of charity, I do not at this moment have in mind the relief of the suffering through the giving of our substance. That, of course, is necessary and proper. Tonight, however, I have in mind the kind of charity that manifests itself when we are tolerant of others and lenient towards their actions, the kind of charity that forgives, the kind of charity that is patient.

I have in mind the charity that impels us to be sympathetic, compassionate, and merciful, not only in times of sickness and affliction and distress but also in times of weakness or error on the part of others.

There is a serious need for the charity that gives attention to those who are unnoticed, hope to those who are discouraged, aid to those who are afflicted. True charity is love in action. The need for charity is everywhere."

did i mention how much i love this quote? i love it because this is the kind of charity i would like to have, the kind that does not judge or criticize. and i love it because this is the kind of charity that has been shown to me, the kind that is lenient and forgiving. i have been so blessed, as i have fumbled through my own progression, with friends and family who have patiently let me keep trying. i am very grateful for that, and for them.

after the lesson, we ate shortbread cookies (mama hellewell's recipe!) and decorated boxes to hold the valentine cards we made for each other. (and yes, AWD labeled his "the love box." i nearly died laughing.)

laura and robert entertained us all the while with the tale of their first meeting, courtship, engagement and marriage, as well as with their slightly risque valentines for one another. if you think that we are almost more adorable than you can stand, you are probably right.


Evan and Holly said...

Okay, that craft makes me think of elementary school in a good way, although more elegant and much better materials. I love that idea---although I wonder if my box would be any better twenty years later, probably not. However, Kyle and I had a valentine's themed FHE yesterday too---involved making chocolate rice crispy treats (they now have those chocolate swirl marshmallows), cutting them into hearts, dipping them in almond bark, covering in sprinkles and delivering. Probably the most planned, successful FHE of his life.

Robert said...

Hey, I'm one of those people.

Unknown said...

Why was I not invited to this arts and crafts party! Booooooo.

In order to take my infatuation with this blog to the next level, the pictures need captions!