Thursday, February 17, 2011

never say never

something happened to me yesterday and there is no good (as in non-embarrassing) way to explain it so i am just going to come right out and tell you the truth.

i spent the whole day yesterday listening to justin bieber.

then smack and i watched this week's episode of "glee" with sam evans and his one-man band, the justin bieber experience.

then i made smack watch the music video for "baby" while i sang along and attempted the dance moves.

(sidenote: they are harder than they look.)

then i made AWD watch all the bieber music videos we could find on youtube while i sang along and attempted the dance moves.

(sidenote: they were still hard.)

(sidenote: AWD still likes me.)

i woke up this morning with that same pit of shame in my stomach similar to the kind i assume people feel after a one-night stand or a dog fight.

and yet, i still hear the siren call.




someone help me.


1 comment:

Lauren said...

You don't need help because Justin Beiber is awesome. Although, I do find myself rolling up my window when his songs come on my ipod in my car so I can sing loudly and no one will judge.