Monday, February 7, 2011

dear monday, i would expect nothing less

because i am working between two offices these days, which means carrying my laptop and a bunch of papers home every night, i finally invested in a fancy laptop backpack so i could just carry everything in one place, instead of hauling a purse, a flimsy computer bag and an armful of documents around wherever i went.

as it turns out, this is a brilliant system until the weekend comes and i take my wallet out of my work backpack and put it in whatever purse i am carrying around for saturday and sunday and then forget to put it back into my backpack on monday morning.

crisis averted, though, because i convinced paul to buy me lunch.

but, actually, it was just crisis postponed until the end of the day when i was skipping off to the parking garage and it suddenly hit me that i can't get my car out of the garage without a credit card to pay the parking fee. and my credit card is in my wallet. which is in the purse i took to church on sunday. which is at my house.

luckily i had my metro card with me today so i just took the metro home and then AWD drove me back to the office later tonight to rescue my car. it was the only car in the whole, giant parking garage. it looked so lonely.

and that, my babies, is pretty much a monday.

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Mom said...

Thank goodness for AWD. He takes the sting out of Mondays.