Monday, February 28, 2011

this was my weekend. not much happened.

there was a long list of things i briefly considered doing this weekend. but then i decided that it had been a while since i spent quality time with both my bed and my netflix account, so i caught up with them instead.

and it was heavenly.

i can very safely say that my mattress is probably the best money i have ever spent in my life.

as for movies, i watched "this is it," the michael jackson documentary, which really made me wish he hadn't died before we got to see the final show. and i watched "big night," a total gem of an old(ish) movie with stanley tucci and tony shaloub as italian immigrant brothers with hilarious accents and english-as-a-second-language mix-ups.

and then (you didn't think i was done, did you?), AWD and i finally finished "munich" (my second time, his first, still depressing either way) and then lifted our down-trodden spirits with a repeat viewing of "stardust," which was so much funnier and so much better than i remembered.

i did get it together for long enough to make it to the grocery store on saturday morning, which meant that we had a delicious sunday pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner.

and then, don't worry, i got back to doing nothing.

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Ems said...

I love both Big Night and Stardust...sounds like a great weekend.