Thursday, April 15, 2010

wizards win! (einstein approves.)

it was the last home game of the season for the washington wizards last night and emily h. had the hottest tickets in town, so off we went to the verizon center for some sporting.

actually, i guess the wizards are pretty bad. but it turns out so are the indiana pacers, so it was a close game. in summary: we were up! we were down! it was close! it wasn't so close! i ate a hot dog! the wizards seemed to give up! the crowd seemed to give up! an adorable little boy won the half-time "simon says" game! the wizards got a second wind! the crowd got a second wind! someone got injured and fell on the floor but when he stood up to walk to the bench he looked totally fine! the wizards were up by one point! there were four seconds left! everyone called a million time outs! (i hate it when they do that!) the pacers shot a basket with less than three seconds left! it went in! it rolled around! it popped out!

the wizards won!

it was all very exciting.


then on the drive home we passed the massive statue of albert einstein outside the national academy of science. i have been meaning to visit said statue for a while now and so, it turns out, had robert and laura, so we all figured there was no time like the present and pulled over and made it happen.

albert einstein's statue is wearing sandals. i love that.

tomorrow i am off to boston (at 7:30 in the morning. from baltimore. gross.) where i will reunite with the whole johnson clan. for all the time we have all spent in boston, i can't remember a time when all four of us have been there together, so this will be a treat. (except, everyone start praying that the 45 degrees and raining weather forecast changes. because yuck.)

i hope your weekend is just as yummy!

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