Monday, April 12, 2010

meanwhile, back at the ranch...

happy monday, lovelies!

and how have you been?

well, i hope.

i have been well, as well.

(well, well. well.)

we have had a couple days of stunning weather here lately. the kind of days where it feels like a crime to be inside, so you blow off everything important to walk across the bridge to georgetown to window shop and exchange a dress you hate for a dress you love. so, win there. it stays so light and warm so late these days that i feel like it is only 6p.m. when it is really 10p.m. and that's trouble, to be sure.

we have also had a couple days of just awful, cold and rainy weather. the kind where you and LK have to run to book club with plastic bags over your heads because who can be bothered to remember umbrellas? not us.

other events of note.

corbrett and i headed to adams morgan on friday night to check out locolat, a hand-made belgian truffle paradise that also has the most delicious waffles, savory and sweet, that you can imagine. i could have eaten everything in that whole place. and, by the time we were finished feasting, i felt like i had.

saturday morning i washed my car for what i am pretty sure was the first time since i moved here. big news. then i parked it under a tree and it was covered with a layer of yellow pollen in a few miliseconds. oops?

also on saturday, my beloved sarah was in town, so we gathered for lunch and gossip.

sidenote: never allow yourself to be convinced that soy nuggets will taste delicious. they will not. you should, however, if the opportunity arises, be convinced to eat peanut butter pie straight out of the dish. divine.

other developments.

i finally got a desk at work! the sad news is that i don't get to sit across a kitchen table from smack all day anymore. the happy news is, smack no longer gets motion-sick from said table being shaken by my violent three-fingered typing. plus now i get to fill up my little cubicle with pictures and plants and brand new office organizing products.

also. jaron and i stayed up way too late on saturday night watching "fantastic mr. fox." have you seen it yet? you must! it is filled with whimsy and joy and makes you laugh out loud. and sort of makes you want to be a fox. don't believe me? watch!

and with that, i say here's to a happy week for all!



steve said...

where is the gratitude that is normally attributed to Mr. Obama for things like fancy new office supplies?

glad you're back. (yes, my life is that boring...)

PNRBAC said...

What type with three fingers?