Wednesday, April 21, 2010

rainy days and wednesdays

it has been a pretty uneventful past few days in the greater capitol region, but there's nothing like a blog to force you to (attempt to) pull hilarity and whimsy out of every-day, mundane life, so here are the happenings as of late.

i am getting a hair cut tomorrow. my hair is a subject of much thought and conversation these days. i am in the middle of the great american grow-out, mostly necessitated by two incredibly bad hair cuts i got when i first moved here, from which i am still recovering. emotionally and otherwise. unfortunately for this type of project, i appear to have the slowest growing hair, like, ever. i started taking prenatal vitamins, which seem to be helping, but to spice things up in the in-between-mean-time, i have decided to revert to my natural hair color. which is brown. (gasp!) i am hoping for something warm and soft, like honey or brown sugar (maybe i'm just hungry?). the transition will be slow, but patience my friends.

one downside of brown hair: i am less likely to be swept off my feet by someone named jimmy d. as a contestant on "millionaire matchmaker." i know because smack and katie and i watched it last night and those millionaire playboys chose blonde hair and big boobs every time. shocking! one crafty lady found a way around the system by starting out as a blonde at the initial mixer and then dyeing her hair dark brown before her first date. take home lesson: i better get on "millionaire matchmaker" NOW! before my hair is brown and my chance is gone.

smack and katie and i also watched the madonna episode of "glee" last night. and if you didn't watch it too, man, did you miss out. because it was incredible. i am getting pretty stressed out about the way things are unfolding (finn and rachel are MFEO and i do not trust this jesse st. james at all!) but i sure do love that show.

other tuesday night activities included watching what was definitely an arrest in progress across the street from smack's building, as well as baking and eating way too many cookies, which were originally meant to be cupcakes but we (smack) had the wrong mix. my adorable flower-shaped silicone baking cups will have to make their debut another time. also, smack accused me of putting enough frosting on her cookie to induce a sugar coma. i happen to know, from extensive sugar consumption, that there is no such thing.

back to music for a second, i stumbled upon a delightful new band today. actually, i am going to rephrase that and say new-to-me band, because i am always woefully behind about these sorts of things and all of you have probably been enjoying this for ages. but, i am always proud of myself when i find good music on my own. they're called girlyman. give a listen here and here and here.

speaking of being behind the times, i finished "a heartbreaking work of staggering genius" a few nights ago. i liked it. but i don't think i loved it. it gave me a lot of anxiety, i think because it seemed like something really terrible was right around every corner. or maybe it was the frenetic, stream-of-consciousness writing style. either way, i found the whole thing a kind of exhausting experience. sort of a stark contrast to the hilarity that is dave eggers' "mcsweeneys." anyone care to weigh in on this?

remember how i said i was taking prenatal vitamins? well, i am also hoping that they will help curb my current exhaustion. because i will tell you something else: i am tired these days. like, tiiiiiiired. which is weird because i am sleeping normally and all the rest. katie thinks maybe i am sleeping too much, but i know from extensive sleeping that there is no such thing. i also have some strange, unexplained bruises, so my first guess was life-threatening cancer, but an iron deficiency seems more likely. or allergies. but i have never had allergies before. do they just come out of nowhere like that? (and give you bruises?) because that would make me really sad. if i weren't too tired to be sad, that is.

are you still reading this? you poor dear. have a cookie.

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