Tuesday, April 6, 2010

spring! sprang! sprung!

it was soooo hot today that we all left the office early. the air conditioning hasn't been turned on yet in the building, and no one could concentrate on anything, we were too busy melting our faces off. i think maybe tomorrow i'll just take in my sewing machine, and then it can be a sweat shop for real.

i kid.

but seriously.

it is bad news when smack looks at you across the table, while you are not moving a single muscle and says, "you're sweating."

but it is good news when it is spring!

my spring so far looks like this:

peeps flavored frozen custard! (it was neon-colored and delicious.)

kites! (thanks for the pictures, lp)

my first easter trifle! (triple berry lemon!)

cherry blossoms! (the smell of cherry blossoms is like heaven to me.)

what does your spring look like?


Popster said...


steve said...

I don't see nearly enough ground beef in that trifle.

...and I also don't see a recent post in this blog.